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The idea of our restaurant is to present to you  exclusive poultry dishes, which are produced following historical French cuisine recipes with our variations and love of great food.

It is no surprise or secret to be offered to try chicken or other poultry dishes in France. Since ancient times, the French enjoyed the meat of wild and domestic poultry, especially: quails, pheasants, partridges, peacocks, geese, ducks, chickens and pigeons. A luxurious dining table was covered not only for the kings, but also for the clergy. No other country has paid so much attention to free-range poultry as France.

During the reign of Charles de Gaulle, when hungry Europeans had to be provided with food, and there was  lack of space for growing poultry by industrial means, a popular custom to grow chickens in pine forests was recollected and practiced as in the old Napoleonic times - this is still done to this day.  Poultry can move freely in an open area, and the environment meets all of the requirements for natural living conditions by 100 percent. A distinctive feature of the French is to make a meal into a work of art.  We, the so-called "Frenchmen", follow the traditions of French cuisine in the preparation of poultry meat, and, no matter what the flavor of a dish will be, we always strive to add something of our own, something very tasty and unusual.

If you will ask about the local wine - the story will be endless! And no wonder, because French cuisine is inconceivable without natural white and red grape wine, served with every dish, especially poultry. Here, the production and consumption of wine is the largest in the world. Wine lovers from all over flock to France to admire the vineyards and enjoy the seasoned wine; this wine - real and magical - we brought it too.

By the way, did you know that, for the French, cuisine and wine is an integral part of life which is as important as love – and it is cherished to this day...




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Monday - Friday
11:30 - 15:00
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We are
Algirdo g. 24, Vilnius
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